Enriching the Lives of the Marginalised Communities of India through Quality Education, Skill development,
Livelihood generation, Healthcare, Environment safety, Disaster response and Agriculture Initiatives

Achieving ‘gender equality’ through ‘gender equity’

Empowerment as a concept involves various facets – economic, social and cultural, psychological, legal and political. Empowerment is about being independent, self-reliant, and confident. It is being able to take informed decisions and above all having a ‘voice’– to express themselves and their opinions without any fear or apprehensions in such a way as to influence decision making. Hence, empowering marginalised sections of the communities, more so women, needs a holistic approach. 

The Organisation wishes to empower women by

» Creating awareness (about their rights, status, duties and gender issues)
» Provide economic opportunities – both employment and self-employment – to women in all the participant villages
» Ensure ‘education for all’ and increase the education levels of women
» Special healthcare awareness programmes for women
» Formation / activation of model women SHGs – the members of which are to act as leaders in spreading the social messages to the communities and take part in the overall transformation of the villages.