Quality is the key: Modern School Program 

260 Modern Schools in a short span of 24 months, and the Modern School Program marches ahead…
School Improvement Plans, Modern School Composite Index, Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model, Holistic School Development Approach, and Computer Based Learning and Teaching and more than 20 special programs continue to influence and guide the Model School Program at the Organisation.
The Organisation’s Modern School Program is a holistic Program that includes nearly 20 different types of operational interventions, with 9 more to be introduced very soon, that aims to transform the adopted government schools into Modern Schools, there by catering to the aspirations of students in the rural setting. With a view to provide in rural schools facilities hither to available only in elite urban schools, the Organisation introduced interventions that aim to create “best in class” hard and soft infrastructure.  

With a vision to enroll all targeted government school in its adopted villages into its Modern School Program and to institute centers of excellence the Organisation started implementing the Program in the academic year 2013-2014. It achieved 100% coverage by academic year 2014-2015 in three different phases, there by enabling nearly 260 Modern Schools eligible to run 20 approved interventions by the Organisation. Schools that have joined the Modern School Program in the initial stages have already benefited largely from the interventions, the overall focus is on enhancing the quality in interventions wherever instituted or implemented. Striving towards excellency is the key driver of the Program.